Understanding PSFLaunch for MSIX

Running Win32/WPF applications in a container like MSIX is different than when running installed in the traditional way. While there are benefits, the container also can cause issues with applications when you simply repackage them without making changes to the application source.

In The MSIX Report Card for 1809 , I took a look at the results of such vanilla …

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Analyzing App -V Packages for MSIX Readiness

Last week I released my Report Card on MSIX, a comprehensive look at how MSIX measures up today. A work in progress, MSIX can handle some of the applications that you are deploying today. And it is sure to get better in the future. But what about your apps specifically?

I’ve taken the lessons that I learned from all …

About the MSIX Report Card for 1809

Today I am releasing the first of what should be an annual series of “Report Cards” on the state of the MSIX space.

You can get and download the report from this link.

This report covers the state of the three basic aspects of MSIX:

  •  Support from Microsoft Independent Software Vendors to release in MSIX format.
  • Support from Tool
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About creating the 1st MSIX Package in the Microsoft Store

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TMNetSim MSIX Edition

Last Summer, I had an opportunity to work with Microsoft on the process of getting MSIX Applications created and released through the Microsoft Store. As a result, I ended up with the first MSIX package released in the Windows Store!

On my website at TMurgent.com, I have a large number of free community tools that I have …