PsfTooling 4.8

Version 4.8 of PsfTooling is now available in the Microsoft Store.  A free tool, it is used in conjunction with the Microsoft MSIX Packaging tool to add and configure the Package Support Framework (PSF) during the repackaging process.

For those unaware, PSF stands for Package Support Framework, an open source utility that I contribute to for helping traditional

App_Remediation: New Tool for App-V 5 apps in Roaming Environs

App_Remediation is a new free tool I am releasing to the public today.

App_Remediation is a console application designed to be used with App-V 5 (and above) to save and restore application related data (ARD) between locations that normally do not roam and those that do.

App-V now isolates ARD changes and redirects the saved file changes to locations that …

The Case of the Missing Shell Extension (a Novel)

One the big mysteries to me has always been why Shell Extensions are so hard for application virtualization. And I had never really taken a deep look into them to unravel they mystery until this year. But now I have, and it turns out to be less of a mystery novel and more of the Steven King kind.

The Problem