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PsfTooling 3.2 for MSIX Packaging

Today the PsfTooling version 3.2 was released in

the Microsoft Store toady. A free community tool, PsfTooling is used with MSIX Packaging tools where you want to add the latest version of the Package Support Framework (PSF) to your package.  …

MSIX Tools

PsfTooling 3.1.0

Recently, I outlined changes I made to the MSIX Package Support Framework (PSF) in this post. In that post I indicated that there was to be a follow-up submission into the PSF and then I would be releasing a …

MSIX Tools

What’s new in the MSIX PSF: Feb 24, 2019

Those paying attention might know that I started a project last summer to contribute to the MSIX Package Support Framework, an open source project that Microsoft hosts up on GitHub.

I spent a month writing code to improve the PSF, …

AppV5 MSIX Tools

Analyzing App -V Packages for MSIX Readiness

Last week I released my Report Card on MSIX, a comprehensive look at how MSIX measures up today. A work in progress, MSIX can handle some of the applications that you are deploying today. And it is sure to …

AppV5 Sequencing Tools

The case of the missing App-V files

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.netFile this one under “Things to consider when your app doesn’t work”.

What the customer wanted:

I was working with a large customer that is in the Health Care business.  They had an application, well maybe we should …

AppV5 Sequencing Tools Training

Announcing PassiveInstall

Passive Install logo
A PowerShell Automation Framework for Application Packaging with Passive/Silent Installations.


Today I am releasing another free tool for the community, called PassiveInstall, plus a free online training course for it (see bottom of this article for a link …

AppV5 Sequencing Tools Training

How I sequence Java in App-V

attib: digitalart

Earlier this week I was queried (by Andrew) about an issue with the JreBlock script we use for sequencing Java. There was an issue with using in on 64-bit machines. Patrick wrote the original version for us more
AppV5 Tools

To Manage or not to Manage?

Getting Started with App-V Management

10NOTE: This post is part of a series. You might want to start at the beginning:

  1. “I’m new to App-V so how do I get started?”
  2. What is App-V and how does it work?
  3. How