App-V 5.0 (Beta1) Shortcut Editing Tricks

I have been having a problem with some of my sequences with the new App-V 5.0 Beta1 release; sometimes the client doesn’t get changes I make to the shortcut/FTA settings in the sequence editor.

I mentioned this to Patrick before I headed off to speak at the Citrix Synergy “Geek Speak Live” in San Francisco last week. He was supposed …

App-V & Installing to the (Q:\) Asset Folder or Not: a 4.6 Sp1 Bug Uncovered

App-V: Installing to the (Q:\) Asset Folder or Not

NOTE: The issue with the 4.6 SP1 sequencer that is identified in this article appears to have been fixed when sequencing using the 4.6 SP1 HF3 sequencer.

The “Best Practices” for sequencing applications with App-V, and SoftGrid before it, have always included installing the application to the “asset folder” (sometimes referred …