An open source tool to automate conversion of your App-V Packages to MSIX.

It seems I forgot to add a blog post about this tool when I released it last fall. So here it is to make it more visible.

AppV2MSIX is a powershell script that will automate the conversion of a folder full of App-V packages to MSIX. If …

TMEdit Released

New in TMEdit

TMEdit is the licensed and more capable tool for fixing up App-V packages (the application virtualization system that actually works) since it doesn’t have to depend on the Microsoft Sequencer Tool to create the final package. TMEdit Download ( 


The TMEdit tool analyzes and fixes App-V packages.  This release contains the following changes:

  • Fix: Make

It’s Alive! APP-INFO For Packagers

App-Info Logo

For years I have heard from customers and vendors in the packaging and application delivery businesses about how there isn’t a good place anymore to find information on applications.  Long ago there was a good site (created by Bob Kelly) named AppDeploy but that was sold to a vendor and renamed to ITNinja and, well let’s just say it stopped …

Tripple Releases for awesome MSIX packaging

This post documents the April (2022) releases for MSIX.  There are three parts:

  1. PSF v2022.04.27
  2. PsfTooling
  3. TMEditX

Each have their own section in this post below.

Update on App-V Sequencer Versions

Now that I’m back in the lab I’ve had a chance to test the latest ADK Sequencer for App-V.  Here are the results:

  • The best sequencer for packaging on Windows 10 is generally the Windows 10 2004 ADK.  This addresses the “short name” issue in prior versions, however this sequencer may not be installed on OS versions prior to Win10