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New Book: Windows System Performance Through Caching

I am happy to announce the availability of my new book.

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The caching of code and data is a common technique used throughout the Windows Operating System in order to improve system and application performance. While System Performance is a …

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The Client Book, now in paperback, also now in German

We released “The Client Book, About Microsoft App-V” some time back, and it has been a tremendous success. To date it has sold over two and a half what we ever expected to sell. Today, we released the paperback version …

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Discount on TMurgent books through Aug 12th 2011

The Client Book
This time of year our publisher at LuLu provides us with a discount code to give to our customers. So through August 12th, you can get 20% off your order, including
The Client Book and
any of our e-books.
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There will be an App-V Book!!!!!

We finally made the decision and work is well under way.  We will publish a book on App-V!

The book will be focused on being a reference for the App-V Client.  We have a ton of material in the Companion …