New (free) MSIX Book Released

A Developer's Guide to MSIX book cover.

I am really excited to announce the availability of a new (and free) community Ebook on MSIX that is for developers of traditional Win32 and/or .Net Framework applications that are interested in modernizing to MSIX.

The book took 12 months to come to fruition, and my co-authors have been invaluable in helping ensure that we have both great coverage and …

New Book: Windows System Performance Through Caching

I am happy to announce the availability of my new book.

image of The Client Book

The caching of code and data is a common technique used throughout the Windows Operating System in order to improve system and application performance. While System Performance is a difficult subject, this work represents a digestable look at performance by isolating the top fifteen or so ways that caching …

The Client Book, now in paperback, also now in German

We released “The Client Book, About Microsoft App-V” some time back, and it has been a tremendous success. To date it has sold over two and a half what we ever expected to sell. Today, we released the paperback version of the book, which makes it available at a bit more afforadable price.

We are also pleased to finally release …