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What’s new in the PSF April 2020

Back in February I posted this blog post describing changes that I was making to the PSF to improve app compat, along with a note that it might take a bit for Microsoft to integrate the Pull Request. 

For those unaware, PSF stands for Package Support Framework, an open source utility that I contribute to for helping traditional Win32 …

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PsfTooling 3.5 for MSIX Repackaging

PassiveInstallassiveInstall version 3.5.0 was released today in the Microsoft Store. A free tool, it is used along with the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to inject and configure the Package Support Framework to fix common issues seen in repackaging existing Win32 and DotNet Framework based applications for MSIX.

Version 3.5 includes a pre-built version of the PSF with the improvements I …

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What’s new in the PSF (Part 3 – June 23, 2019)

The Package Support Framework, or PSF, is an open source project hosted by Microsoft up on GitHub. The PSF is useful when building MSIX packages for older Win32 and .Net based applications. It allows you to build in Detours based shims to alter the behavior of the application without needing access to the app source code.

Open to community …