An open source tool to automate conversion of your App-V Packages to MSIX.

It seems I forgot to add a blog post about this tool when I released it last fall. So here it is to make it more visible.

AppV2MSIX is a powershell script that will automate the conversion of a folder full of App-V packages to MSIX. If …

TMEdit Released

New in TMEdit

TMEdit is the licensed and more capable tool for fixing up App-V packages (the application virtualization system that actually works) since it doesn’t have to depend on the Microsoft Sequencer Tool to create the final package. TMEdit Download ( 


The TMEdit tool analyzes and fixes App-V packages.  This release contains the following changes:

  • Fix: Make

It’s Alive! APP-INFO For Packagers

App-Info Logo

For years I have heard from customers and vendors in the packaging and application delivery businesses about how there isn’t a good place anymore to find information on applications.  Long ago there was a good site (created by Bob Kelly) named AppDeploy but that was sold to a vendor and renamed to ITNinja and, well let’s just say it stopped …

How to Automate Conversion from App-V to MSIX

Customers that use Microsoft App-V are certainly interested in the potential future of MSIX. While the compatibility levels for typical applications under MSIX is not yet acceptable overall and we will be continuing to leverage App-V for years (decades?) to come, I believe that it is important for them to begin the job of working with MSIX apps when we …

Blank folders in MSIX Packages

…or we could call it “The mystery of the empty MSIXPackagingToolGeneratedFile.txt file” to be catchy!

The packaging format used by UWP, MSIX, and App-V files is loosely structured around formats based on the PkZip format specification. This format mostly has file references, with the file headers providing information about the path that the file lives under. So folders …

App-V Sequencer in ADK 20.04

Microsoft recently released the Windows ADK for Widows 10 version 20.04, and the version includes a new version of the App-V Sequencer. Here is what we know.

1) Although ADK components often work on OS versions other than the one it is released with, in this case you must use Windows 10 20.04 OS when using the ADK sequencer from …

Fix for 1809 and later App-V Sequencer Issues

I’ve noticed lately a few people complaining that they needed to go back to the Windows 10 ADK 1803 sequencer in order to get some applications to work. Recently, a student came to one of our App-V Training Classes and brought with him a reproducible application that demonstrated the problem.  Based on what we learned in the class debugging it, and …