TMEditX Version 2.0 now available!

Version of TMEditX has now been released. The change to version 2 represents the culmination of a years’ worth of work to make successful packaging with MSIX a whole lot easier. Better analysis, improved workflows to implement recommended changes, and a better PSF so that we can make apps better!

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A short summary of the changes since last month …

Psf v2021.12.07 Released

The Package Support Framework (PSF) was started by Microsoft as an Open Source Project to help Win32 and .Net Framework based software operate in the new MSIX Container runtime, however the latest changes are now made in my own fork at .

The “Post-Thanksgiving” release brings in some additional changes in the PSF for at least one …

PsfTooling 3.1.0

Recently, I outlined changes I made to the MSIX Package Support Framework (PSF) in this post. In that post I indicated that there was to be a follow-up submission into the PSF and then I would be releasing a new version of the free PsfTooling tool that includes the updated PSF. That work is now complete.

PsfTooling 3.1.0 is …

AppVManifestEditor (AVME)

AppVManifestEditor is a new free GUI based tool for editing the AppXManifest file that Microsoft is exposing in the sequencer for editing in the new 5.1 release of App-V.

Microsoft is making the file available for export/import within the sequencer.  The syntax of this xml file is undocumented, and editing the xml can be very tricky, so a tool is …

Virtual App Runtime Debugging with Updated AppV_Manage 5

The KahunaI am pleased to announce version 5 of the free AppV_Manage tool, and in particular the new run-time debugging capabilities.  You can find the tool downloader  at this link here.

When dealing with a difficult application, you often need to use several tools to try to find out what is wrong.  In the past, I had integrated a number …

AVDCG and AVSS Updates

image of toolWhile everyone knows about the AppV_Manage tool, used for testing new App-V Packages, many either do not know or have forgotten about two of the other tools.

In fact, unless you were already using them you probably didn’t notice the updates last September.  I recently noticed that I totally forgot to blog and tweet about the changes.  Well even newer …

JreBlock: Script for hiding native Java

Photo: Patrick Mangan

Originally by: Patrick Mangan

Updated by: Tim Mangan for version 3.0

JreBlock: is a simple PowerShell script to help when you need to sequence a Java JRE inside of an App-V virtual environment and want to block visibility to other Java versions that might be natively installed at the client.

The typical technique to sequencing Java JREs is to actively …

App-V 5 and App Related Data

One of the big benefits of App-V has always been that applications that needed certain kinds of remediation to work today were automatically dealt with.

I’m talking about apps that were developed without complete support for multiple users (or multiple tenants), or for apps that assumed systems that have no security protection to write to common locations.

We just sequenced …