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About creating the 1st MSIX Package in the Microsoft Store

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TMNetSim MSIX Edition

Last Summer, I had an opportunity to work with Microsoft on the process of getting MSIX Applications created and released through the Microsoft Store. As a result, I ended up with the first MSIX package released in the Windows Store!

On my website at, I have a large number of free community tools that I have …

AppV5 Performance Sequencing

App-V and .Net Performance

NOTE: This post contains some great information, but has been updated in this post.

This post is about the performance impacts of combining Microsoft App-V 5 sequenced virtual applications with applications that use Microsoft .Net.  I wish this story ended with good news, or at least reasonable actions that you could take to improve performance, but it isn’t so.  Instead …

AppV5 Performance Sequencing

Streaming Theory – Should you Launch?

A small comment by Microsoft’s Thamin Karim at the European AppV User Group event in Amsterdam last week caused me to re-think streaming in App-V 5. It was one of those “duh!” moments that occur when something so obvious hits you and you realize that you hadn’t really thought about it and were operating on wrong assumptions.

The comment, which …


Training my VDI Desktop Images for Quick Boot

I am constantly building new VM desktop images for my lab, here are some tips on how I am doing it.

I use MTD to make life easier. If unfamiliar, MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) is free, simple, and has a lot in common with SCCM task Sequence deployment, but will less overhead. I have a lot of standard stuff I …

AppV4* AppV5 Performance

Translation of On App-V Performance

Last week, I wrote a blog post On App-V 5 Performance which received a lot of attention. From the response, it is pretty clear that my message was not understood. I am a geek, so it is not that unusual. So let’s try to fix that here. Here is an English translation of my thoughts:

The message that I attempted …

AppV5 Performance

On App-V 5 Performance


You may have heard that I am working on a book.

It started as a White Paper to help explain how the different caching options in App-V 5 work, to help customers with their questions on how to deploy. But the scope became more book-like, so …

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About Windows Boot Performance

The following is taken from my book Windows System Performance Through Caching.

When the Windows OS boots, it uses information from previous boot experiences to speed up the boot process. Microsoft calls this “ReadyBoot”.

The process of booting up the OS involves both a lot of disk access and CPU instructions. But left alone, the resources used at boot …

All AppV4* AppV5 Performance Sequencing Tools

Recording of Tim on BrianMadden Live show

I had the honor of being the featured guest on the “BrianMadden Live” podcast earlier this week. The recording can be found at this link: here.

I also posted a couple of articles on Brian’s site the last month that are worth mentioning. One of them is my “What you need to know about App-V 5” article which has …