MSIX AppAttach Publishing Performance Details

Last week, I posted about MSIX AppAttach publishing performance, comparing against regular MSIX and App-V publishing at a high level.

Today I have information on tests detailing where MSIX AppAttach publishing spends the time.  The “publishing” process consists of four steps:

  1. Mounting the VHD
  2. Creating the Junction Point
  3. Using PackageManager to “Stage” the package
  4. Using Add-AppXPackage with the -Register

MSIX AppAttach and Performance

While we are all pretty excited about the upcoming MSIX AppAttach, it is still pretty new.  Now in preview for WVD, we can also use PowerShell scripting to try it out on local machines.  But is the performance as good as we have heard? Here is an early look at it.

Performance, in this case, is all about dynamic application …

About creating the 1st MSIX Package in the Microsoft Store

Image for TMNetSim
TMNetSim MSIX Edition

Last Summer, I had an opportunity to work with Microsoft on the process of getting MSIX Applications created and released through the Microsoft Store. As a result, I ended up with the first MSIX package released in the Windows Store!

On my website at, I have a large number of free community tools that I have …

App-V and .Net Performance

NOTE: This post contains some great information, but has been updated in this post.

This post is about the performance impacts of combining Microsoft App-V 5 sequenced virtual applications with applications that use Microsoft .Net.  I wish this story ended with good news, or at least reasonable actions that you could take to improve performance, but it isn’t so.  Instead …

Streaming Theory – Should you Launch?

A small comment by Microsoft’s Thamin Karim at the European AppV User Group event in Amsterdam last week caused me to re-think streaming in App-V 5. It was one of those “duh!” moments that occur when something so obvious hits you and you realize that you hadn’t really thought about it and were operating on wrong assumptions.

The comment, which …

Training my VDI Desktop Images for Quick Boot

I am constantly building new VM desktop images for my lab, here are some tips on how I am doing it.

I use MTD to make life easier. If unfamiliar, MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) is free, simple, and has a lot in common with SCCM task Sequence deployment, but will less overhead. I have a lot of standard stuff I …