App-V Sequencer in ADK 20.04

Microsoft recently released the Windows ADK for Widows 10 version 20.04, and the version includes a new version of the App-V Sequencer. Here is what we know.

1) Although ADK components often work on OS versions other than the one it is released with, in this case you must use Windows 10 20.04 OS when using the ADK sequencer from …

Fix for 1809 and later App-V Sequencer Issues

I’ve noticed lately a few people complaining that they needed to go back to the Windows 10 ADK 1803 sequencer in order to get some applications to work. Recently, a student came to one of our App-V Training Classes and brought with him a reproducible application that demonstrated the problem.  Based on what we learned in the class debugging it, and …

Automating App-V Package Cleanup

If you have been Sequencing for Microsoft App-V on Windows 10, you have probably noticed a lot more garbage in your packages.

While the App-V Sequencer has a really awesome capture algorithm that automatically ignores changes made by pre-existing Windows background processes, under Windows 10 there are many, many, more background events that generate new processes, resulting in more crap …

The case of the missing App-V files

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.netFile this one under “Things to consider when your app doesn’t work”.

What the customer wanted:

I was working with a large customer that is in the Health Care business.  They had an application, well maybe we should call it an integrated suite of applications, that is used to tune hearing aids.  One major app and a ton …

Shortcuts limit discovered in Windows 10

Call it the case of the missing shortcut.  Although I discovered the issue because of App-V, the culprit really turns out to be the OS itself.

As some of you know I am busy working on a new App-V tool.  As part of the testing, I built a number of test applications (or pulled out oldies-but-goodies that I already had) …

Announcing PassiveInstall

Passive Install logo
A PowerShell Automation Framework for Application Packaging with Passive/Silent Installations.


Today I am releasing another free tool for the community, called PassiveInstall, plus a free online training course for it (see bottom of this article for a link to the training).  A PowerShell module intended for use by anyone wanting to create customized automated installations of vendor applications …

Sequencing AutoCad 2016/2017

My general recipe for sequencing AutoCAD 2015 is found in this post from a couple of years ago:

Today, Patrick Mangan reminded me that he had to modify that recipe to handle AutoCAD 2016 and 2017.

In the original recipe, we handle the problem of the runtime AutoCAD writing a dll file outside of the virtual environment to a …

How I sequence Java in App-V

attib: digitalart

Earlier this week I was queried (by Andrew) about an issue with the JreBlock script we use for sequencing Java. There was an issue with using in on 64-bit machines. Patrick wrote the original version for us more than 4 years ago, and we were using a different version in our training classes than was on the website