Get PsfTooling 4.5 Now!

Version 4.5 of PsfTooling is now available in the Microsoft Store.  A free tool, it is used in conjunction with the Microsoft MSIX Packaging tool to add and configure the Package Support Framework (PSF) during the repackaging process.

For those unaware, PSF stands for Package Support Framework, an open source utility that I contribute to for helping traditional Win32 and DotNet applications run inside the MSIX packaging container.

The changes in this new version include:

  • Updated PSF including latest fixes.
  • Fixes issues when running on certain non-English operating systems.
  • Added support to turn URL style shortcuts into LNK style acceptable by the packaging tool.
  • Improved the new “Fixup Suggestions” to clarify why certain fixups are needed.
  • Fix made for certain fonts in the font detection.
  • Added RegEx pattern syntax checking to validate the patterns with live feedback.  Incorrect syntax in the Json file can cause the packaged app to crash during launch.
  • Added detection that the new pre-scan has not been run. The tool will run the pre-scan and, when done, pop up a message regarding the need to make a new snapshot.

PsfTooling is used when repackaging Win32 and .Net Framework based applications into MSIX packaging with the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool. See help included with the tool on how to use it. 

The tool is available free from the Microsoft Store.

By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.