New home for the PSF: 2021 Sept

The Package Support Framework (PSF) was started by Microsoft as an Open Source Project to help Win32 and .Net Framework based software operate in the new MSIX Container runtime.

Today I am embarking on replacing it.

The Back-story: 

For quite some time I have been the primary/only person working to add improvements to the project.  The PSF is used by …

Automated MSIX Repackaging with PSF

I recently posted a twit with the following caption:

Achievement unlocked.  Re-package 70 apps with PSF with 
click on one button into #MSIX packages.  MMPT + upcoming 
version of TMEditX with command line option to fix the 

70 Enterprise apps repackaged into MSIX with the PSF in 2.5 hours with one click. Let’s boil this down so others who …

App-V Sequencer 21H1 Broken


It seems that in the latest version of the ADK (21H1) requires an OS build that is newer than 21H1.  It isn’t very clear in the documentation, but, at least for the sequencer, that version of the ADK requires an insider’s build (currently) for Windows 11 (and possibly Windows 10 21H2).  ADKs traditionally run on older OSs, and …

What is PackageFamilyName in MSIX and why do I need to know?

NOTE: This original May 4th article was updated June 25.

MSIX modern application packages use a series of identifiers that can be very confusing. Packages have Names, Versions, Families, and a PackageFamilyName that incudes that odd set of characters you sometimes see that is somewhat tied to the code signing certificate used to sign the package. 

Until recently, I had …

Training in a pandemic, one year in and going strong.

A remote class in 2020

Most of our business is in training the IT Staffs of large organizations to enable them to better prepare and deliver applications to their (mostly) internal users, specifically around the Microsoft App-V and MSIX technologies.  We also do some consulting in the Citrix and End-User-Computing space, and sell some tools. And the bulk of our …

Convert MSIXs to VHD or CIM for App Attach

ConversionsMSIX App Attach requires a format conversion from the standard msix file in order to attach the MSIX packages efficiently.  This efficiency is important in non-persistent image scenarios like pooled VDI, as well as semi-persistent scenarios like shared multi-user operating system connections (Server Based Computing, like RDS/RDMI as well as multiuser Windows 10) as the end-user doesn’t want to wait …

How to Automate Conversion from App-V to MSIX

Customers that use Microsoft App-V are certainly interested in the potential future of MSIX. While the compatibility levels for typical applications under MSIX is not yet acceptable overall and we will be continuing to leverage App-V for years (decades?) to come, I believe that it is important for them to begin the job of working with MSIX apps when we …