Type:   Free  
Version:   Sept, 2021    

PsfTooling is a GUI tool for working with Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool and the Package Support Framework (PSF).  Use on the packaging VM  to inject and configure the PSF into your package.

Note: PsfTooling is our free tool that you use while packaging.  If this is of interest you should also look at TMEdit, our tool for post package editing, including the ability to analyze the package and inject the PSF.

The MSIX container presents challenges for certain applications, especially the older ones.  Microsoft created the Package Support Framework (PSF) to help address these, but you are on your own to implement it. While there is a NuGet package for developers, for IT Pros repackaging apps it is only available in source code form up on GitHub here.

PsfTooling is a free community tool from TMurgent that helps IT Pros with repackaging into MSIX. While in the installation mode of your packaging tool, after installing the application to be captured you then use PsfTooling to inject the PSF files, create the json based configuration for them, and fix up your shortcuts to use it.  And the tool includes a pre-built version of the PSF so you don't have to build it yourself.


Updated Video: Using PsfTooling Intro (11 min)


Version 4.14

PsfTooling is available from the Microsoft Store:

   PsfTooling at Microsoft Store  


PsfTooling is available for download directly this site:





NOTE: Due to a difference in signing at the Microsoft Store, you will need to uninstall/install if changing between these two sources for an upgrade. 


Release notes:

  • Version 4.14 contains changes made to the TMurgent sponsored branch of the PSF, build 2021.09.26. See article: New home for the PSF: 2021 Sept – Confessions of a Guru (tmurgent.com) for information on what is in this PSF release as there are some very important PSF changes that will support more apps.
  • Version 4.13 contains changes made to the PSF in July 2021 (scripting and bad regex patterns). This is the recommended version to use.

The tool now supports handling  the icon images for shortcuts from Advertised Shortcuts.

Fix for Font Detection.

In-box documentation updated.

Small UI improvements.

  • Version 4.10 contains changes made to the PSF in March 2021. 
  • Version 4.9.2 contains changes made to the PSF in late February 2021. Some of these changes were critical and this version should be used instead of 4.8.0