Tim Mangan MVP for SoftGrid

May 1, 2008

Tim Mangan has (finally) become a Microsoft MVP for Virtualization (SoftGrid). Although Tim became a MVP for Terminal Services last summer before there was a Virtualization category existed, a person may only be in one category of the program. It took a while to get this straightened out. The other four SoftGrid MVPs are all based …

PimpMy for Help Desks 1.3.1

March 12, 2008

PimpMy for SoftGrid Help Desks Version 1.3.1 Released. This is the second package of the PimpMy for SoftGrid line is aimed at simplifying the life of Help Desk Personnel. Check it out

TMurgent Technologies adds LLP to name

February 29, 2008

TMurgent Technologies is now TMurgent Technologies LLP! As a result of the excellent addition of Mary Jane, TMurgent has been restructured as a Partnership. This change impacts the back-end of the business and really is just a reflection the growth of the business in the last year.…

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