TMurgent After Dark

December 25, 2009
TMurgent After Dark is added to the site. Enough people asked for a copy of the Solman game so I am posting it for all.…

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Free Tool ATM version 2.0

August 17, 2009
Release of Version 2 of ATM. See the 7 priority standby list caches in Ram!

Prioritized Standby Caches are new in Vista and above versions of the Microsoft Operating Systems.…

Briforum 2009

August 6, 2009
Tim Mangan speaks at BriForum 2009 in Chicago July 21-23. Tim did three presentations.

  • An update to his famous Inside the Microsoft OS series.
  • App-V with MSIs (see Associated White Paper) using App-V 4.6 and 64-bit!!!
  • Ad hoc session on Tuning a VDI image.

I have spoken at every single BriForum, and each one keeps getting …

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HyperV_Mon 1.6

June 28, 2009
Updated Tools! HyperV_Mon version 1.6, with small improvements and updated documentation. See the Tools section of the site.…

Free Tools Updates

June 19, 2009
Updated Tools! HyperV_Mon version 1.5, with small improvements. A replacement template for creating MSIs in the sequencer. A sample script for installing App-V MSIs with streaming. Look for a white paper on using MSIs with streaming next month!…

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