Microsoft files AppVirt Patent Application 20110191788

My partner at GridMasterTraining, Kevin Kaminski (t=@kkaminsk), today showed me a patent application that Microsoft recently submitted on Application Virtualization. Seem Strange? YEAH!

Notice: Although I do have a patent, I am not a patent attorney. Anything in this blog post should be considered at nothing more than “uneducated blather”.

Application Virtualization has been around for over 10 years, and …

App-V 4.6SP1 Sequencing: Diff between Install and Configure

I ran into an interesting problem with 4.6SP1 while sequencing the application 7-Zip today.

If you have been at all familiar with App-V sequencing at any time prior to the 4.6 SP1, you would know that while you are in the “installation mode” with the sequencer, you not only install the application but you fully configure and customize the application …

Windows Server 2008 RDS CALs and App-V Licensing

Windows Server 2008 RDS CALs and App-V Licensing[1]

Note: This article is outdated and remains only for historical purposes. Licensing for App-V has changed over time, especially with the App-V client becoming part of the Client and Server OSs in Windows 10 and Server 2016.  Licensing for App-V is now covered by a companies Enterprise or Education Agreement with