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New Tool: XenApp Publishing Extensions 2.0 for App-V

The XenApp Publishing Extensions 2.0 are two tools that enable easy publication of applications to your XenApp 4.5 or 5.0 farm.

Once you have deployed App-V virtual applications to your XenApp 4.5 and 5.0 Farms, you will want to publish the shortcuts to users. This can be a slow and tedious process  for App-V virtual applications when using the XenApp Management Console, requiring you to reference sfttray, the OSD name, and then locate the correct icon file. The tools in this Publishing Extensions package are designed to help make this publishing task a little easier to perform. These tools work with any style of App-V distribution, including the full App-V Management Server, SCCM, and “Stand Alone Client” (especially when using my App-V Deploy and Publish Tools).  The XenApp Publishing Extensions 2.0 contains two tools.

The first tool, CitrixXenAppPe, is an updated version of the original version posted by Shannon Ma, who worked for Citrix at tht time.  This tool supports the easy publishing to the farm using an existing shortcut to the application on a server.  Version 2.0 of this tool fixes an issue with publishing from shortcuts that are App-V virtual application shortcuts, an issue that caused the Citrix Published App to have a “black box” for an icon.  A video demo using version 1.0 of the tool exists, and operation remains unchanged in version 2.0 (but now works for shortcuts to App-V virtual applications).

The second tool, Citrix.XenApp.PublishFromAppV, is a new alternative publishing tool that only works with App-V virtual applications.   This tool supports the easy publishing to the farm using the information already stored in the App-V client.  This tool is started from the start menu, and the interface is just like the shortcut tool, except that it will enumerate the App-V applications present on the server and allow you to select which are to be published.  This supports bulk publishing of the App-V virtual applications.

Both of these tools work with XenApp 4.5 and 5.0, but not 6.0 due to changes in the Citrix SDKs.  When working with App-V, the tools support App-V deployments using App-V 4.1 through at least 4.6, no matter how the App-V apps were deployed (using the App-V Management Server, SCCM, or stand-alone client).

Because this updates an existing Citrix tool, I worked with Citrix to be able to distribute the updated and new tools through the Citrix Developer Network “Code Share” program.  These tools are available from this link:  http://community.citrix.com/display/xa/Citrix+XenApp+Publishing+Extensions+2.0