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Analyzing App -V Packages for MSIX Readiness

Last week I released my Report Card on MSIX, a comprehensive look at how MSIX measures up today. A work in progress, MSIX can handle some of the applications that you are deploying today. And it is sure to get better in the future. But what about your apps specifically?

I’ve taken the lessons that I learned from all …


About the MSIX Report Card for 1809

Today I am releasing the first of what should be an annual series of “Report Cards” on the state of the MSIX space.

You can get and download the report from this link.

This report covers the state of the three basic aspects of MSIX:

  •  Support from Microsoft Independent Software Vendors to release in MSIX format.
  • Support from Tool

TMEdit v1.2 with AutoUpdatePackage for App-V

How do can you automate common changes you need to make to your App-V Packages?  AutoUpdatePackage, a new command line utility that is part of TMEdit.

Common Scenarios:

  • Need to remove OS Tags from packages so they work on Windows 10
  • Speed up publishing and prevent unauthorized access on RDS by removing all shortcuts, FTAs, Shell Extensions, URLs, and

TMEdit for App-V – What and Why

Today I am pleased to announce the release of a new tool for your application wrangling arsenal – TMEdit.

Over the past 6 years, my AppV_Manage tool has become a standard part of App-V packaging at so many companies around the world, initially as a companion  to aid in quickly testing, but then to aid in troubleshooting and diagnosis, and …


Is MSIX the future for App-V?

Image courtesy of and Sira AnamwongAt the Windows Developer Conference this March, Microsoft announced MSIX as their latest idea of the future for application delivery.  This followed with more details released at the Microsoft Build Conference in May. I applaud these efforts by Microsoft; they follow the call I made last year for the development of a new standard application format that meets both the …


Why we use Microsoft App-V

It seems strange that I’ve never written this article before.  I haven’t needed to.  But we need to be reminded now and then.

Those of us using App-V, which includes most of the largest, and best run, enterprises around the world, do so because it is the easiest way to customize, prepare, and deliver applications to internal users. That’s

AppV5 Sequencing Tools

The case of the missing App-V files

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.netFile this one under “Things to consider when your app doesn’t work”.

What the customer wanted:

I was working with a large customer that is in the Health Care business.  They had an application, well maybe we should call it an integrated suite of applications, that is used to tune hearing aids.  One major app and a ton …


Say goodbye to CReg?


Two  days ago about I wrote about CReg/Vreg because I anticipated the fix coming in March’s OS rollup.  So surprise!  The following day we get fixes a month early.

CReg/VReg and 1703/1709 App-V

The totality of information coming from Microsoft about the changes are included in the KB article for the February rollup for Windows 10 1709: …