What’s new in the PSF (Part 2 – Feb 28, 2019)

I didn’t expect to write this article so soon! More on that later, let’s get to the juicy stuff.

The Package Support Framework, or PSF, is an open source project hosted by Microsoft up on GitHub. The PSF is useful when building MSIX packages for older Win32 and .Net based applications. It allows you to build in Detours based …

MSIX Tools

What’s new in the MSIX PSF: Feb 24, 2019

Those paying attention might know that I started a project last summer to contribute to the MSIX Package Support Framework, an open source project that Microsoft hosts up on GitHub.

I spent a month writing code to improve the PSF, and then started the long process of getting it pulled into the master source. It, uh, took a little longer …


Understanding PSFLaunch for MSIX

Running Win32/WPF applications in a container like MSIX is different than when running installed in the traditional way. While there are benefits, the container also can cause issues with applications when you simply repackage them without making changes to the application source.

In The MSIX Report Card for 1809 , I took a look at the results of such vanilla …

MSIX Performance

About creating the 1st MSIX Package in the Microsoft Store

Image for TMNetSim
TMNetSim MSIX Edition

Last Summer, I had an opportunity to work with Microsoft on the process of getting MSIX Applications created and released through the Microsoft Store. As a result, I ended up with the first MSIX package released in the Windows Store!

On my website at, I have a large number of free community tools that I have …


Is MSIX the future for App-V?

Image courtesy of and Sira AnamwongAt the Windows Developer Conference this March, Microsoft announced MSIX as their latest idea of the future for application delivery.  This followed with more details released at the Microsoft Build Conference in May. I applaud these efforts by Microsoft; they follow the call I made last year for the development of a new standard application format that meets both the …