Don’t let your App-V 5 Reporting Database grow out of control!

Image from Sql Management StudioThe App-V Reporting database for App-V 5 and above is great for monitoring all usage of your virtual applications.  This is quite helpful when it comes to license compliance.  While it won’t prevent (accidental) usage of unlicensed apps, it is very useful for detecting usage as part of a program to “true up” your license allocations.

The Reporting Server is …

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App-V 5 Management Server DB on Remote Machine Configuration

Well here was a wasted hour trying to figure this one out.  It should have been so easy!

Problem: Installed a lab App-V 5 Management/Publishing Server with default instance database on that server.  Works great.  Install second Management/Publishing server needing to use the remote database.  Fails.

What could have been the problem: (but wasn’t)

  • Windows Firewall on first server with
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On Streaming and Formats in App-V

On Streaming and Formats in App-V

Tim Mangan
TMurgent Technologies, LLP
September 22, 2014
Related Product:  App-V 5.0 SP2 HF5 and prior

When we created the original application virtualization product, SoftGrid, streaming was a very important part of the implementation.  Over the years, the streaming aspect has become less important to implementations, while remaining important to the decision makers that …

Errror 000012 on Add-AppvClientPackage

A customer was using XenApp with PVS. The same PVS image was used on machines on a farm. They added App-V 5 to the PVS image and decided to use the PowerShell interface to add applications virtually at boot time. One of the servers refused every app, while everything else worked on the ‘identical’ servers.

Investigation showed that the Add …

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App-V 5 Error C8007005 Plus Removing App-V Client after Hotfixes

Here is the scenario.

I had my Windows 8 x64 desktop with App-V 5.0 SP2 installed and had added Hotfix 5. All was well.

I upgraded to Windows 8.1. Current packages continued working fine. Decided to add another package. I received error C8007005 on Add-AppVClientPackage. After researching and trying some things, I eventually tried an old package that worked elsewhere …

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App-V 5 and App Related Data

One of the big benefits of App-V has always been that applications that needed certain kinds of remediation to work today were automatically dealt with.

I’m talking about apps that were developed without complete support for multiple users (or multiple tenants), or for apps that assumed systems that have no security protection to write to common locations.

We just sequenced …