App-V 5 Error C8007005 Plus Removing App-V Client after Hotfixes

Here is the scenario.

I had my Windows 8 x64 desktop with App-V 5.0 SP2 installed and had added Hotfix 5. All was well.

I upgraded to Windows 8.1. Current packages continued working fine. Decided to add another package. I received error C8007005 on Add-AppVClientPackage. After researching and trying some things, I eventually tried an old package that worked elsewhere and got the same error. I even removed an existing, working, package and found that adding it generated the same error.

In a situation like this, you just want to remove the App-V client and start over. So I did the following:

  • Ensured that no virtual apps were running (e.g: explorer)
  • Ran a “Repair” operation on all published apps
  • UnPublished and removed all apps.
  • Uninstalled the App-V client (using Programs and Features)
  • Rebooted
  • Followed Nick Kallen’s list of additional stuff to remove
  • Rebooted again, just for fun

I then attempted to install 5.0 SP2 Client again. The Installer refused because a newer version was present already . Confused, I checked Programs and Features again and made sure it wasn’t present. It wasn’t. Eventually, I realized that the component to be removed is the hotfix. So in “Programs and Features” I selected the “View Installed Updates” link on the left side of the dialog. And this is what I found:

Removing the hotfix allowed the installs (SP2 and HF5) to happen, and everything worked out dandy.

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By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.