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On App-V 5 Performance


You may have heard that I am working on a book.

It started as a White Paper to help explain how the different caching options in App-V 5 work, to help customers with their questions on how to deploy. But the scope became more book-like, so …

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About Windows Boot Performance

The following is taken from my book Windows System Performance Through Caching.

When the Windows OS boots, it uses information from previous boot experiences to speed up the boot process. Microsoft calls this “ReadyBoot”.

The process of booting up the OS involves both a lot of disk access and CPU instructions. But left alone, the resources used at boot …

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Recording of Tim on BrianMadden Live show

I had the honor of being the featured guest on the “BrianMadden Live” podcast earlier this week. The recording can be found at this link: here.

I also posted a couple of articles on Brian’s site the last month that are worth mentioning. One of them is my “What you need to know about App-V 5” article which has …

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New Book: Windows System Performance Through Caching

I am happy to announce the availability of my new book.

image of The Client Book

The caching of code and data is a common technique used throughout the Windows Operating System in order to improve system and application performance. While System Performance is a difficult subject, this work represents a digestable look at performance by isolating the top fifteen or so ways that caching …

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New and Updated (Free) Tools

In conjunction with my upcoming book and sessions at Briforum, I am releasing a number of new and updated tools involving Windows Performance analysis. These tools may be found in the Performance Tools section of the TMurgent website. These tools are generally free to download and use (the only restrictions are for ISVs that want to use them to …

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How to improve your Hyper-V lab performance

While looking into Windows IO/Mem performance on a rainy day (i.e. “no golf”), I noticed something that I do in my Hyper-V lab setup that kills performance.

I build new VMs all of the time. Usually they are for a simple test I build with MDT and I throw away the VM after a couple of weeks. I do it …

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Discount on TMurgent books through Aug 12th 2011

The Client Book
This time of year our publisher at LuLu provides us with a discount code to give to our customers. So through August 12th, you can get 20% off your order, including
The Client Book and
any of our e-books.

Enter the code SINK305 when you check out.

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Video of Tim at Briforum 2010 available

At Briforum 2010 I did a 70 minute session on App-V. Brian has now made the video publicly available at this link.

In this session, I demo using App-V on Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop in what I call “serverless” mode using some free tools that I developed. But even if you don’t do Citrix, I covered a lot of …