New and Updated (Free) Tools

In conjunction with my upcoming book and sessions at Briforum, I am releasing a number of new and updated tools involving Windows Performance analysis. These tools may be found in the Performance Tools section of the TMurgent website. These tools are generally free to download and use (the only restrictions are for ISVs that want to use them to show off how good they are).

So what are these tools?

AndThenThereWasPower! A Detailed Walk-through the Windows 7 Boot Process (A Silverlight app).
ATM View Windows Memory Caches and Superfetch.
DePrio Open file at specified memory priority.
Factorial Tool to act as an app that eats one CPU core.
HyperV_Mon Monitors Hyper-V Server and VMs, including “overhead”.
IWillCrash Tool to act as an app that crashes itself.
LaunchTimeAnalyze Tool to Run scripts and measure Perceived Performance
LeakMemory Tool to act as an app that leaks memory in a controlled way.
LoadDlls Tool to load a bunch of dlls. Used to test effect of Windows App prefetch.
MassiveRebase Tool to investigate dll rebasing and effect of ASLR.
PageMania Tool to act as a bad app and cause paging activity on demand.
ReadyViewer Tool to analyze Windows ReadyBoost (flash caching).
SequentialRead Tool to read file sequentially or randomly on demand.
SuperFetch_Tools Two tools to investigate the SuperFetch database scenario files.


WhatsMyBoot Tool to analyze Boot, Shutdown, Suspend/Hibernate, Resume, and Windows ReadyBoot feature performance.

These, and many more tools written by others, will be covered in my two BriForum Sessions in London (and probably the Chicago show also). The two sessions are:

  • Top 15 Ways Microsoft Uses Caching to Increase Performance
    Wednesday May 23, 1:05pm – 2:20pm
  • “And Then There Was Power,” the Story of a Windows 7 and 8 Boot Process
    Thursday May 24, 11:10am – 12:25pm

By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.

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  1. Unfortunately I won’t be at BriForum but hope to visit E2EVC in Stockholm, hope you will present there too.
    Thanks for the effort, really nice set of tools, must have taken quite some time and creativity to make these.

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