App-V Training Updates – Winter 2012

With 2012 here and vacations behind us it is time to get serious about some App-V training. So what are our plans for training in the next quarter?

February 6th-10th Irvine, California, USA
irvine We are working with a new partner, Agile360, to finally bring our Masters Level App-V Training class to California. We always get a lot of requests for west coast classes but the is the first time that we have been able to make it work. So if you can’t come to us, book this one quickly! Details on this class here.

Maybe that location doesn’t work for you. It happens. So we have some other options for you.

February 6th-10th Copenhagen, Denmark
Normally every class I post here at is run by Tim Mangan. This one time I am making an exception. We are expanding our partnership.We are often asked by training companies and other experts in App-V if they can train using our materials. We have proven ourselves to be very picky about letting others use the GridMasterTraining system that we developed (more on that below). We insist that the training turn students into full blown experts. That it must be hands-on. That is is conducted by someone that knows the product completely inside and out and can handle the unexpected, and has demonstrated the skills to teach others. Europe
Nicke mvp So after three long years of work, we are finally ready to announce our new certified training partner.He is fellow MVP Nicke Kallen. Nicke has helped me in the European classes these last three years, and has earned his reputation as an expert through engagements and deployments in multiple countries. An excellent speaker (even if he doesn’t think so yet), we are thrilled to add him as our third Certified Trainer.
At the website, we post the published training schedules for all of our trainers, but we each have our own website where we advertise our own classes. Tim’s are here at and my Canadian partner Kevin Kaminski uses his site at We are still “dotting the I’s” on contracts for Europe, so we aren’t ready to announce the website for Nicke, but we already have this class in Copenhagen. So if you read Danish, you can use this link: about this class.


But maybe it is that the date doesn’t work for you. That happens too. So instead consider this one.

April 23-27 Canton, Massachusetts, USA
canton  This class will be back at our home base.
Details on April Class
We are sometimes asked, you hold the class in a Library?

We do, as often as feasible. We have a great library here in town with just the facilities we need for the small classes that we run. I always keep the numbers in a class low so that everyone can get plenty of individual attention and the board meeting room there is a perfect size. Plus, I would rather have our meeting room costs go to a great cause – the library programming for the community. Sometimes this doesn’t all work out; the room isn’t available or we fill the class and we move to a nearby hotel. But yeah, if you want the best App-V training in the world, you might just have to go to the Library to get it!

So what is the Masters Levels Training? This uses the GridMasterTraining system designed by Tim Mangan and Kevin Kaminski. It is the most thorough training available anywhere in the world. We have been using this system for fiveyears now, and in one week we can bring a complete novice with general IT competencies up to an expert in Microsoft App-V. Every aspect and deployment model is completely covered, and we teach you the techniques to produce high quality packages, plus the skills needed to handle the worst applications out there. We always train to the latest version out there, but accommodate those using older revisions.

By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.