AppV_DeployNPublish 2.0 Released

Version 2 of the AppV_DeployNPublish tools has been released. These free tools were designed to allow for deployment of App-V virtualized applications without a back-end infrastructure. In addition, these have become the standard way to quickly test newly sequenced applications.

Version 2 incorporates feedback received in the first release, especially around the command line interface options. More importantly, it includes a new 4th tool.

The new tool, AppV_ManagePackages, augments the App-V Client Management Console. The big difference between this tool and the CMC is that this tool works on a package basis rather than an application basis. No more trying to remember which apps are in a package just so you can delete it. It also discovers the DSC linkages so you know what depends on what, shows FTA and Shortcuts of what is deployed. Importantly, it also shows if you have middleware apps that lack OSDs. Middleware apps like the .Net Framework do not have OSDs in 4.6SP1 and therefore will not appear in the CMC at all.

There is some new “experimental” support in the AppV_DeployApp tool that detects FTA (File Type Association) conflict. If the app you are deploying has FTAs that conflict with existing FTAs, App-V normally will overwrite existing FTAs with those of the package being added. This detection will let you know that is going to happen at a minimum. The expermental part allows you to select the behavior that you would like, including new app wins, old app wins, and both are applied with one being the default and the other as an “open with”. This seems to work well as long as the old app is native. If the old app is App-V, the client interferes and overwrites the old any way. This is why the feature is listed as experimental. You can play with it to perhaps improve some specific situations but it is not ready to be a full time solution for FTA conflict.

More info, including the download here:

By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.