PowerShell with App-V 5

PowerShell with App-V 5

With the release of Application Virtualization version 5.0, Microsoft changed out all of the old scripting and programming interfaces and replaced them with brand new PowerShell interface modules. In this book, the authors dig well below the limited online help that comes with the product to fully expose not only the PowerShell cmdlets, but also the underlying object interfaces, with numerous examples.

TMurgent’s Tim Mangan has teamed up with his daughter, Kate Mangan, produce a 266 page book that covers the use of App-V 5 from PowerShell.

Both IT Professionals looking to build some custom scripting, and Developers who want to build add-on products will find this complete reference guide a valuable resource for working with App-V.

This book is not only more accurate than the release documentation, which is notably incorrect, but is full of working examples on how to use the four PowerShell modules released with the product. Much of this research went into the building of the AppV_Manage tool.

We are self-publishing through Lulu.com, which allows you to order and print on demand. It is possible that the book will be also picked up for distribution through Amazon or even retail stores in some areas, but we can’t control that because it is considered a specialty book.

The price of the book is $44.98(US).

By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.

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