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I’m Converted: How I Convert Packages from App-V 4.x to 5.1

ConvertThis has to rank among the top posts that I never thought I would write in my entire life.  I mean, it is right up there with “Why I’ll never play golf again”.  If we had subtitles, the subtitle of this article would be “The 5.1 Converter Doesn’t Suck“.  High praise indeed!


This post details out how …

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App-V Icon Error with SCCM

Hello, my name is Patrick Mangan, and I have been sequencing with App-V. This year TMurgent added a sequencing service where we take on applications that customers are having a really hard time sequencing. Recently while working on one application that had a proprietary licensing scheme to work around I ran into another, unexpected error that I needed to troubleshoot.…