XenApp Publishing Extensions 3.0 for XenApp 6

A year ago I released XenApp Publishing Extensions 2.0 for use with XenApp 4.5 and 5.0. This free GUI based tool simplifies App-V virtualized application publishing for XenApp. The tool used the traditional mfcom interface for working with XenApp, and did not work with XenApp 6.

Today, I am releasing version 3.0 for use with XenApp 6. While the front end GUI and functionality remains the same, the back end has been completly replaced to use the newer PowerShell interface to XenApp 6. (Note: although XenApp 5 has both mfcom and powershell, the powershell interface changed significantly enough that this updated tool will not work with XenApp5 so please use version 2.0 of this tool for the older versions of XenApp). This tool will be demonstrated at my session at Synergy on Friday at 9AM (SYN337).

What is the purpose of the tool? Simply put, it uses the information that app-v already knows to help with the application publishing under XenApp – especially in locating the correct icon to use.

You can find the tools at
    XenApp Publishing Extensions 2.0 for XenApp 4.5 and 5.0

    XenApp Publishing Extensions 3.0 for XenApp 6

Both versions are free.

By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.