AppV 5 Connection Group “Pellucidity” and Deletion Objects

I have written a new “white paper” on App-V 5. This one looks at package “pellucidity” (the layering effect caused by the settings “override local” or “merge with local”), and package deletion objects and how these are implemented at the client when you use Connection Groups.

As it was in 4.6 with DSC, all is not as simple as you …

App-V 5 and App Related Data

One of the big benefits of App-V has always been that applications that needed certain kinds of remediation to work today were automatically dealt with.

I’m talking about apps that were developed without complete support for multiple users (or multiple tenants), or for apps that assumed systems that have no security protection to write to common locations.

We just sequenced …

AppV is Hot Now

Microsoft App-V seems incredibly hot right now, with everyone getting ready to jump on App-V 5 when SP2 comes out. There is way more activity in this space than I have ever seen!


I have been running training classes on App-V for over six years now. Back when Microsoft bought Softricity, I saw an interest spike. But it was …

TIP: Solving FTA Conflict in App-V

Back when we created SoftGrid, the OS only supported one “owner” application for a given file type association. And we learned to live with this, but really didn’t like it all that much. Now we don’t have to.

Background on FTA Conflict

For natively installed applications, somewhere along the way Microsoft added a new interface for developers (or more specifically …

What’s a Citrix Streaming Customer to do now?

OK. So XenDesktop 7, the new combined version of XenDesktop and XenApp is now released.

And we can see that Citrix has not integrated their own application virtualization solutions (Citrix Streaming) into the Citrix Studio console. Instead, they have chosen to with integrate Microsoft App-V 5.

And not just into the Management console, but also in the new AppDNA, which …

The Challenge of Developing for Enterprise and Cloud

Quick thought of the day.

When developing software for the enterprise, the incentives exist to load up with lots of features. The enterprise procurement process emphasizes getting more features for similar money, leading the vendors to add more and more features.

The folks buying to put stuff in the cloud are not the same. They value simplicity. They value automation. …