JreBlock: Script for hiding native Java

Photo: Patrick Mangan

Originally by: Patrick Mangan

Updated by: Tim Mangan for version 3.0

JreBlock: is a simple PowerShell script to help when you need to sequence a Java JRE inside of an App-V virtual environment and want to block visibility to other Java versions that might be natively installed at the client.

The typical technique to sequencing Java JREs is to actively …

App-V 5 and App Related Data

One of the big benefits of App-V has always been that applications that needed certain kinds of remediation to work today were automatically dealt with.

I’m talking about apps that were developed without complete support for multiple users (or multiple tenants), or for apps that assumed systems that have no security protection to write to common locations.

We just sequenced …

App_Remediation: New Tool for App-V 5 apps in Roaming Environs

App_Remediation is a new free tool I am releasing to the public today.

App_Remediation is a console application designed to be used with App-V 5 (and above) to save and restore application related data (ARD) between locations that normally do not roam and those that do.

App-V now isolates ARD changes and redirects the saved file changes to locations that …

New and Updated (Free) Tools

In conjunction with my upcoming book and sessions at Briforum, I am releasing a number of new and updated tools involving Windows Performance analysis. These tools may be found in the Performance Tools section of the TMurgent website. These tools are generally free to download and use (the only restrictions are for ISVs that want to use them to …

PkgView 1.6 Released

toolsToday I released an updated version of the free PkgView tool. PkgView is used to view the file and registry changes that a user makes when running virtual applications with Microsoft App-V. These changes are stored in files with a “.pkg” extension associated with the user and the application.

These pkg files have traditionally been a bit of a black …

LaunchIt – a tool to control child programs

tools This is a story about a tool that shouldn’t need to exist, but has proved to be just so darned handy over the years. It was originally written almost 10 years ago, and I recently released an updated version to add more features. This free tool is called LaunchIT.

The most common problem that cause people to ask me …

AppV_DeployNPublish 2.0.1 for App-V 4.6 SP1

When Microsoft release App-V 4.6 Sp1, which was all about the new sequencer, they also quietly put out an updated client.  You don’t need the updated client to use SP1 sequenced packages, but it is an option.  Supposedly the client was mostly about rolling up hotfixes, but we know that there must be changes to support the upcoming SCCM 2012 …

AppV_DeployNPublish 2.0 Released

Version 2 of the AppV_DeployNPublish tools has been released. These free tools were designed to allow for deployment of App-V virtualized applications without a back-end infrastructure. In addition, these have become the standard way to quickly test newly sequenced applications.

Version 2 incorporates feedback received in the first release, especially around the command line interface options. More importantly, it includes …