What’s new in the MSIX PSF: Feb 24, 2019

Those paying attention might know that I started a project last summer to contribute to the MSIX Package Support Framework, an open source project that Microsoft hosts up on GitHub.

I spent a month writing code to improve the PSF, and then started the long process of getting it pulled into the master source. It, uh, took a little longer than expected 😉

But at long last it is here! (click image to view video)

Even though the Microsoft dev team responsible wanted community submissions, it wasn’t really ready for contributions in August when I was ready to submit. So it took until October before a submission could even be made. After that was a long process complicated by issues like assigning someone and taking resources away from their own work, not having built a process, or documenting standards required. My own work schedule and limited experience in submitting to others repositories up on GitHub didn’t help this along either. But at long last it is up on the GitHub Repository.

The video above talks about the changes made to the PSF and how you can use them.

I am working on additional changes to the PSF which should be submitted as another pull request before too long. Now that we worked through the issues this one shouldn’t be so hard to process.

Version 2 of PsfTooling, to be released soon, will likely preview those changes before the pull request gets committed to make them available to you sooner. These changes support the migration of command line arguments, and for shortcuts to non-exe files, such as documents, HTAs, web pages, and the like. Improvements to the UI of the tooling is also in the works, making it more flexible to use.

By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.