Why our new App-V 5 Class won’t be called “Masters Level”

As we are getting ready to launch our final App-V 4.6* “Masters Level” training class next week, I am being hit up by people wanting to know about a 5.0 class.

So let me make it clear. We won’t be labeling the new 5.0 class as a “Masters Level” class. oWhen I started training folks on App-V many years ago, we had a “training class”. We quickly determined that with my background in the product, what we were doing was far greater and in-depth than the training that Softricity (and then Microsoft for the first year after purchase of the company) was providing that we started calling it “Advanced”. Over the years, we fine tuned the program and started calling it “Masters”.

Nobody can offer a “Masters Level” class on App-V 5 any time soon. The training we offer next year on App-V 5 will be as good or better than what anyone could offer, but we won’t call it “Masters Level”. App-V 5 really is an entirely new platform, and it will take a couple of years before we have enough opportunities to work out how to work with/around the product to be most effective. And there are a lot of very interesting nooks to poke around.

So when we announce our new class, it won’t be called “Masters Level”, but it will cover everything that we can know about to make the best use of the new product. We’ll reserve that label for the future.

By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.