MSIX and Services

icrosoft announced what they are going to do about Services and MSIX at AppManageEvent in Utrecht in October 2019, but we were able to get more details about them at Microsoft Ignite in November. The following are taken my notes from the events.

Given Microsoft’s stance on keeping things inside the container, we were surprised to hear that the implementation …

MSIX Tools

PsfTooling 3.1.0

Recently, I outlined changes I made to the MSIX Package Support Framework (PSF) in this post. In that post I indicated that there was to be a follow-up submission into the PSF and then I would be releasing a new version of the free PsfTooling tool that includes the updated PSF. That work is now complete.

PsfTooling 3.1.0 is …


What’s new in the MSIX PSF: Part 3 – October 2019

The Microsoft MSIX Package Support Framework (PSF) is an open source project that enables more “traditional” Win32 and Dot Net applications to be repackaged into MSIX.

As an active contributer to the GitHub project, I have added more functionality to the fixups that are available. Additionally, Microsoft has added new functionality as well. Here, I will write about the …

AppV5 Sequencing

Fix for 1809 and later App-V Sequencer Issues

I’ve noticed lately a few people complaining that they needed to go back to the Windows 10 ADK 1803 sequencer in order to get some applications to work. Recently, a student came to one of our App-V Training Classes and brought with him a reproducible application that demonstrated the problem.  Based on what we learned in the class debugging it, and …


On Start Menu and Shortcuts

The application Start Menu Shortcut represents the most common entry point for end-users to access applications.  In this article, I’ll talk about the old shortcuts and the new, and about what happens when we repackage applications containing shortcuts into MSIX and App-V packages.  Note that this article is written in September of 2019 and we hope that improvements in support …

MSIX Packaging

MSIX Code Signing Certificates Part 2 – For IT Pros

Microsoft’s replacement for the ubiquitous MSI, MSIX, requires the use of code signing certificates to deploy the packages. This is part 2 of a two-part series on MSIX and Certificates. This one is aimed at IT Pros and part 1 was for Developers.

Part 2 Introduction

IT Pros have generally not needed to really deal with code signing certificates. …

AppV5 Sequencing

Automating App-V Package Cleanup

If you have been Sequencing for Microsoft App-V on Windows 10, you have probably noticed a lot more garbage in your packages.

While the App-V Sequencer has a really awesome capture algorithm that automatically ignores changes made by pre-existing Windows background processes, under Windows 10 there are many, many, more background events that generate new processes, resulting in more crap …

MSIX Uncategorized

What’s new in the PSF (Part 3 – June 23, 2019)

The Package Support Framework, or PSF, is an open source project hosted by Microsoft up on GitHub. The PSF is useful when building MSIX packages for older Win32 and .Net based applications. It allows you to build in Detours based shims to alter the behavior of the application without needing access to the app source code.

Open to community …