MSIX Packaging PSF

What’s new in the PSF for June 30, 2020

Oops, I did it again!  Another Pull Request of mine has been accepted into the Package Support Framework Develop branch.  This one is small, but makes debugging of launch issues with the PSF easier solves, and a couple of blocking issues affecting at least one app each.
  • Added a new config.json option for PsfLauncher.  Added a new config.json option for PsfLauncher that is used for DEBUG builds only, the option signals PsfLauncher to WaitForDebugger as soon as it can read the request in the config.json file. This will help with debugging issues with the launcher.
  • Fix log crashes when using the FileRedirectionFixup and app uses PrivateProfile APIs with NULLs.  It turns out that some apps call the PrivateProfile functions with NULL for the filename. Sometimes they seem to do this to get the default value and maybe the developers override with an ini file not in the production product? The native code returns something reasonable without an exception, but logging code in the FRF crashes the app. This set of fixes protects against bad logging.

This is not included in version 3.8 of PSFTooling, but will be added to the next version released.