MSIX Packaging PSF Tools

PsfTooling 3.8

With the updates to the MSIX Package Support Framework for June 2020, described in, I added a new type of fixup to the PSF, RegLegacyFixups.

Version 3.8 of PsfTooling is now available up in the Microsoft Store. This free tool is used alongside the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to add and configure the PSF into your recaptured package.

Version 3.8 continues the trend of helping automate bringing in the PSF and configuring it. In addition to integrating the latest PSF, including the new RegLegacyFixups module that you can read about in the prior blog article, the Debug build includes the WaitForDebuggerFixup not previously included in the tool.

WaitForDebugger is used by people that want to run a code debugger and adding this fixup pauses the targer process right after PsfRuntime is injected into it. This allows time to attach the debugger into the app. Only people with souce code to either the PSF or target app are interested in this.

Due to the increased number of fixups, the fixup configurations have been reorganized a bit to make it less confusing to use. The internal help has been updated (click on the small “i” icon for information) that provides a decent overview of the workflow that you should use and what all those things are.

Go update your version today from the Microsoft Store.