App-V 5.0 Sp3 Upgrade: Clear Browser Cache to clear issue on Server MC upgrade

Just in case this bites someone else…

An upgrade of App-V Server to 5.0 SP3 includes a replacement Management Console.  As this is Silverlight based, this means that the website delivers a Silverlight XAP file to your browser.  Where it remains in your browser cache.

Upgrade of the server does not always mean that the browser cache gets flushed.  So you might find that while your console is “working”, you are not getting the new UI features (in this case for connection groups). To verify, open the console and click on the “About” link (upper right) to check the version, which should now be 5.0.10107.  If not, clear your browser cache.  And don’t forget about any shortcut links that you made to the console.  In my case, typing the URL in a browser got me the new console, but clicking the link each time got me the old one.


By Tim Mangan

Tim is a Microsoft MVP, and a Citrix CTP Fellow. He is an expert in App-V and MSIX.