The Application Book

The Application Book

This is a book for packagers of all types.

I find that even the most seasoned of packagers are fuzzy (at best) on what all that stuff that installers do is really for. So in our Master’s Level App-V Training classes I have been diving more and more into how application installers work and what they are trying to do.

But there is only so much time I can give to this important subject when we have so much else to cover during the class.  This winter I decided to take that material and separate it from the class.  Diving in deeper than I ever did before, I set out with an ambitious goal – to map the various file and registry settings laid down by installers into the purpose for them being there.  In essence, I am mapping them into the Windows APIs that those files/settings are intended to use so that we can understand them.  It is sort of a reverse engineering of the Windows API.

And you know what?  I learned a heck of a lot in writing the book.  Well, actually, it was in the verification of my initial draft that I learned a surprising amount. Some things have changed in Windows over time, and on others what we all think we know turns out to be wrong.  For a while I even planned to subtitle the book “Corrections to things we all thought we knew“.

The book is intended as a reference for anyone who (re)packages applications.  And not just for App-V, but any kind of repackaging including MSI and Layering too.

You won’t find the book on Amazon – they take 70% of my profit if I allowed it.  You can find more about the book on the main TMurgent website here and you’ll ultimately purchase it from our publisher at Lulu. If you go directly to their website there is a good chance the landing page will have a discount coupon you can use.

PS: See what Bob Kelly has to say about the book here. Bob left Itninja and has a new site called AppDetails that intends to be the new “AppDeploy“, so you might want to check out while you are there.