Another new fixup for MSIX PSF: EnvVar

Image Attribution: VectorHuman

A summer ‘staycation’ project from me. This project is now accepted into the develop branch of the Microsoft PSF repository.

EnvVarFixup is a new type of MSIX Package Support Framework intercept that addresses the issue of MSIX not supporting new/changed environment variables inside the package.

The fixup allows for the specification of environment variables and values …

The case of the MSIX file that was deleted, or maybe not.

Attribution: Original artwork Stuart MilesFiguring out why a traditional package recaptured into MSIX does not work can be a bit of art.  Of sure, we have some standard things we look for and fixups that we can use, but what about when it isn’t one of those?

The case today is about an application for which the standard fixups solved one problem, but didn’t …

New Goodness in PsfTooling 4.1.0

Today there is a new version of PsfTooling up in the Microsoft Store. A free tool, it works in conjunction with the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to add and configure the MSIX Package Support Framework into your package capture.

So what’s new in version 4.1?

  •  Added a button to analyze and suggest fixups (see image below). At this point it

MSIX AppAttach Publishing Performance Details

Last week, I posted about MSIX AppAttach publishing performance, comparing against regular MSIX and App-V publishing at a high level.

Today I have information on tests detailing where MSIX AppAttach publishing spends the time.  The “publishing” process consists of four steps:

  1. Mounting the VHD
  2. Creating the Junction Point
  3. Using PackageManager to “Stage” the package
  4. Using Add-AppXPackage with the -Register

MSIX AppAttach and Performance

While we are all pretty excited about the upcoming MSIX AppAttach, it is still pretty new.  Now in preview for WVD, we can also use PowerShell scripting to try it out on local machines.  But is the performance as good as we have heard? Here is an early look at it.

Performance, in this case, is all about dynamic application …

PsfTooling 4.0

Today I am happy to announce that version 4 of PsfTooling is now available from the Microsoft Store.  A free tool, it is used in conjunction with the Microsoft MSIX Packaging tool to add and configure the Package Support Framework (PSF) during the repackaging process.

The changes in this new version include:

  • A revamped UI.  Instead of three wizards there