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What’s new in the PSF Feb 2020

For those unaware, PSF stands for Package Support Framework, an open source utility that I contribute to for helping traditional Win32 and DotNet applications run inside the MSIX packaging container. This article contains information regarding new contributions.

First of all, the title of this article is a lie. The correct title for this article, if it weren’t so long, …

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10 Questions for Tim

This is mostly a teaser for our training classes, but they really are questions that Tim is constantly asked about.

MSIX Packaging

What’s new in the MSIX PSF: December 23, 2019

Microsoft hosts the Package Support Framework (PSF) on GitHub as an open source project for the community to contribute to here: . The PSF is the helping arm for applications containing Win32/DotNet that want to run in the MSIX container.

This week we have some additional changes beyond what I wrote about less than two weeks ago here:

MSIX Packaging PSF Tools

PsfTooling 3.2 for MSIX Packaging

Today the PsfTooling version 3.2 was released in

the Microsoft Store toady. A free community tool, PsfTooling is used with MSIX Packaging tools where you want to add the latest version of the Package Support Framework (PSF) to your package.  This primarily means the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool (also free in the Store), but any vendor offering an installation monitoring …

MSIX Packaging

What’s new in the PSF: December 2019

The Package Support Framework (PSF) is how we adapt traditional Win32 and DotNet programs to work inside of an MSIX container. The PSF is an Open Source Project found on GitHub and I often contribute to it to improve application compatibility.

This week completes the integration of another set of changes. The Pull Request (term used in Git for a …


MSIX and Services

icrosoft announced what they are going to do about Services and MSIX at AppManageEvent in Utrecht in October 2019, but we were able to get more details about them at Microsoft Ignite in November. The following are taken my notes from the events.

Given Microsoft’s stance on keeping things inside the container, we were surprised to hear that the implementation …

MSIX Tools

PsfTooling 3.1.0

Recently, I outlined changes I made to the MSIX Package Support Framework (PSF) in this post. In that post I indicated that there was to be a follow-up submission into the PSF and then I would be releasing a new version of the free PsfTooling tool that includes the updated PSF. That work is now complete.

PsfTooling 3.1.0 is …


What’s new in the MSIX PSF: Part 3 – October 2019

The Microsoft MSIX Package Support Framework (PSF) is an open source project that enables more “traditional” Win32 and Dot Net applications to be repackaged into MSIX.

As an active contributer to the GitHub project, I have added more functionality to the fixups that are available. Additionally, Microsoft has added new functionality as well. Here, I will write about the …