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Anyone used App-V?

2 years 1 month ago #240 by Kahuna
Replied by Kahuna on topic Anyone used App-V?
Here is a quick summary response.

The runtime component for App-V is included in Enterprise Agreements with Microsoft. The client is built into the operating system on Windows 10 and Server 2016; it just needs to be enabled (via powershell command). On Windows 7/Server 2012, the App-V client would need to be installed to have the runtime.

Preparing the application uses the Sequencer, downloadable via the WIndows ADK for those new OSs, as part of the MDOP package for the older OSs.

There are several options for deploying the packaged apps to the machines. System Center handles App-V packages built in. There is also a separate App-V server that can be used. Third party distribution products that understand an MSI may also be used, and there are other third party products that used that are specific to App-V. "Modern deployment" via Intune is also possible, but not as easy as it should be. Ultimately, everything is added to the client via PowerShell so custom scripting to distribute is an option. The choice on how to distribute is based on specific customer requirements (for which this forum isn't a great place to discuss).

App-V provides both for a convenient distribution method, and a runtime that isolates the app from others and allows us to remediate the behaviors of applications built for older operating systems.

TMurgent provides services that can help your customer design and implement App-V. We also offer training.

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2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #237 by depprussell
Anyone used App-V? was created by depprussell

We're looking at trying to get a few applications off the desktop and I know we've been looking at 2X and Citrix but they seem overkill for the purposes and I'm trying to figure out if App-V will meet the need. The issue is however that I'm having a hell of a time finding clear information on what you need to run it, is this a System Center application? Or is it just buried? Since it looks like their is already a budget for something paying for this might work, but I'm hoping to have a solid idea of how it operates before I make any suggestions or decisions.

Please help.

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