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TMEdit  The Ultimate App-V Package Editor


Upgrading TMEdit

This is the upgrade page for TMEdit. 

Licensed users have the right to download and install updates for a period of one year from the issue of the license. Your end of maintenance date is displayed in the tool at the top of the Tool Config menu page.

The download page lists the release date of each release.

Release Notes 


Release  December 9, 2019

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature:   Desktop.ini Detection/Repair. Recent versions of the App-V in-box clients appear to have issues with packages that include the file "Desktop.ini".  The particular case where this was found was in the user's video capture folder, but other locations may produce the same package launch failure. Desktop.ini is not a file that needs to be in the package. You can add individual entries in your exclusion list in your sequencer template files, but the exclusion lists don't support wildcarding the folder. TMEdit package analyzer will locate any desktop.ini files in your package and offer to clean them out for you. This fix is available in both the GUI and AutoUpdatePackage programs.

Feature:   MSIX Analysis for 1909. Now that Windows 10 version 1909 is available and we are testing with it, both with App-V and MSIX, The MSIX compatibility scanning has now been updated for what we know about 1909.  I will probably update this againin the new year when we have completed the MSIX Report card and we have more experience and details.

Release  July 10, 2019

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature:   Short Names Recent versions of the App-V Sequencer may produce bad 'Short Name' references in the FileSystemMetadata.xml file in the package. These short-name references may have one or more folders with names that are not 8.3 compliant. These issues have been seen in the 1809 and 1903 sequencers, and are likely in 1909 as well.  TMEdit will detect these issues and can fix them. In addition to changing the Short Names to a 8.3 compliant syntax by using a unique ~T technique, it will also search and replace registry strings for file references that use the mangled short-name reference and update those as well.  This fix is available in both the GUI and AutoUpdatePackage programs. 


Release  July 10, 2019

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature:   AutoUpdatePackage improvements.Version 1.8 has added several of the fixups that were added to the TMEdit user interface in recent releases. You may now edit the Fixups.xml file to request various file and registry cleanup operations pregiously only available in the TMEdit GUI. 

Fix:    DotNetCompileFix. If you requested the automated fixup to compile .Net components into a package that had no compiled .NET components previously, the package worked fine on the client but could not be imported into the Sequencer due to missing ShortName information for the folders. This is now resolved.


Release  May 14, 2019

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature:   Analysis/Fixup improvements.Version 1.7 has added two new categories of generalized package cleanups, one for files and another for the registry. Especially when sequencing on Windows 10, the standard sequencer exclusion lists are very insufficient if you want a clean package.  The tool now has a much expanded exclusion list and analysis and fixups that will clean your package of many well-known locations that should never be in your package. The lists are also customizable. Currently, in the Tool Config tab you can review the lists and disable items if you don't want them scanned for. If you wish to append to the lists, please use Regedit against the HKCU\Software\TMurgent\TMEdit items. 

Feature:  MSIX Analysis has been updated for the details related to the Windows 1903 release.

Feature:  Savings on Save When you save the package, information comparing the original and saved files are shown, allowing you to easily see how much space has been saved. Note: If you compile a lot of uncompiled DotNet components, your package can still grow!  

Fix:    Analysis/Improvements A number of small improvements were made to the display on this tab to resolve inconsistencies. 

Fix:    Analysis/Improvements When deleting a file or registry item via the fixups buttons, if the parent folders/keys become empty these will also be removed.. The resulting FileSystemsMetadata file should now be more internally consistent as well. 


Release  April 27, 2019

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature: Fix:    AutoUpdatePackage improvements.Version 1.6 has added a new option to update the package without specifying any fixes. This can be used simply to improve package compression or to rename (branch) a package.  See the online documentation for details. Also fixed an issue in prior releases where this utility was not updated in the package, leading to a dll mismatch.


Release  April 20 2019

Maintenance Release

Fix: Issue with AppxManifest for URLProtocolHandler with Shell commands not opening in ACE.


Release  March 7, 2019

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature: Save as Branch Package capability added to the product.  When saving, if you want to branch the package rather than saving as a new version, you uncheck the Save as New Version checkbox and check the Save as Branch checkbox instead.  You'll be prompted for a new package name when you save the package. You'll get a new Package Name, new PackageID and VersionID guids, and the version string will be reset to  If the Description field is unused, we'll add a note about the package you branched from too. 

Fix: Fix issue in situation where user removes a file on the virtual files tab and then adds a file using the same name.

Feature: Added a right-click menu on files on the virtual files tab for Replace. Even though the issue above is fixed, it makes sense to support the scenario this way as well.

Feature: Return of the display of Last Operation on the virtual files and virtual registry tabs. As you attempt to make file and registry changes, the result of the operation is once again displayed at the bottom of the window. This was removed when error reporting was added to the Windows Event Logs, but restoring this display for operations gives readily available feedback. 


Release  February 20, 2019

Feature/Maintenance Release

Fix: Patch to fix issue with Analysis Refresh introduced with the MSIX analysis.

Fix: Includes 1.4.1 patch to fix issue with unusual appxmanifest element. 

Release  January 25, 2019

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature: Package analysis now includes reporting on potential issues for the package if the App is converted to MSIX in the future. Currently 30 different issues are scanned for. The report detail appears on the bottom of the "Analysis and Fixes" tab after you open the App-V file.


Release  November 18, 2018

Maintenance Release

Fix: Patch to fix licensing issue in

 NOTE: Release was pulled due to an issue with the licensing vendor.  Please use 

Release  November 12, 2018

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature: Full and commented Deployment and User Configuration XML files are now produced when you save the package.

Feature: The Internal AppXManifest file is automatically updated to the newest schema. Previously, older packages without the newer schema references would break if certain changes were made.

Fix:         Automatically fix bad SideBySide component ProcessorArchitecture elements generated by the sequencer by eliminating them. (Sage Accounting issue).

Fix:         Fix for packages with EMail Software Clients (Mozilla Thunderbird issue).

Fix:         Shortcut ShowCommand has three supported values, not two (TechSmith Snagit issue).


Release  September 14, 2018

Maintenance Release

Fix: Fixed issue reading packages with object renaming disabled.


Release  August 26, 2018

Maintenance Release

Fix: Fixed issue reading very large packages, specifically, when the AppXManifest.xml file exceeded 0.5MB.


Release  August 6, 2018

Maintenance Release

Fix: Fixed the AppXManifest.xml formatting when app has Asset Intelligence records.  Older App-V clients require empty fields to be present.

Fix: Fix in FileSystemMetadata.xml to add Ordinal to StaticDepencencies.

Fix: Fix made to define shortname of a folder that becomes an empty folder do to removing all child files/folders.

Fix: Fix in AppxManifet.xml file for undefined "bitness" values. .



Release  July 31, 2018

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature: In main TMEdit GUI, added ability to detect FTAs that were really a FTA deletion, and ability to fix..

Feature: Added new command line utility (AutoUpdatePackage) to supports automated fixes of items requested in an xml template against the named App-V file.

A sample template fixups.xml is included in the program folder.  Set values to true/false.
    Syntax is: AutoUpdatePackage -File PathToTargetFile.appv -Fixes PathToFixesTemplate.xml
    Current fix-ups include:
            Remove all OSTags
            Remove all Shortcuts
            Remove all FTAs
            Remove all URLs
            Remove all ShellExtensions
            Remove all Policies
            Remove all BHOs
            Remove all SXS vcruntime publishins
            Fix Package settings for Objects, COM, and VFS

Fix: Fix in TMEdit GUI for reading packages without Asset Intelligence.
Fix: Fix in TMEdit GUI for Object isolation. Now allow full editing for custom objects.
Fix: Fix in TMEdit GUI for display of package source filename on settings page.
Fix: Fix in TMEdit GUI for OS detail selection; allow 32bit designations is package is 32-bit.


Release  July 17, 2018

Feature/Maintenance Release

Feature: Added a scan to create a Code Integrity file whenever saving the package. This is an extra xml file added to the output directory. If you choose to implement Device Guard Code Integrity (in place of AppLocker) in the future you would gather these files to create your global policy.

Feature: Added VC Runtime publishing and vulnerability scanning. These are now detected, including highlighting those with known security vulnerabilities. An automated fix is available.
Feature: Added Asset Intelligence detail to editor. Display and Edit is available.
Feature: Added Trentent Memorial Feature: exclude all shortcut publishing. There is now a button at the top of the Shortcut page of the extensions.
Feature: Added ability to exclude all FTA + Shell Extension publishing. 
There is now a button at the top of the FTA page of the extensions.
Feature: Added ability to exclude all URL publishing. There is now a button at the top of the URL page of the extensions.
Feature: Added ability to exclude all Font publishing. There is now a button at the top of the Font page of the extensions.
Feature: Added ability to exclude all Shell Extension publishing. There is now a button at the top of the Shell Extensions page of the extensions.
Feature: Added detection of MSIL files that are not compiled and ability to fix. Improves runtime performance of the app.
Feature: Added detection of NI/AUX files missing the MSIL file and ability to remove. These are useless and are safely removed.
Feature: Added detection of WMI related performance files and ability to remove. These are useless and are safely reomoved.
Fix: When installer file or VCRuntime file is removed from package ingredients, also remove from disk cache so that CI scanning doesn't add signature to package.
Fix: Fix for detection of Bad Virtual Services.
Fix: Changes to Tool Config take effect immediately. Previously you had to exit/restart the tool.
Fix: Changes to several existing fix-ups. The fixups are now also organized to separate out "cleanup" activities that do not affect the function of the package.

Release June 29, 2018

Original release version