Type: Licensed software with fully functional free 30-day trial
Version:   November 18, 2018  

TMEdit  is the best external App-V Package editor.  Use on the a Windows 10 machine  to fully fix and customize your package. Streamline your packaging efforts!

The App-V Sequencer provides only limited support for customizing your captured application, mostly removing shortcuts and file type associations as well as certain package settings that may be configured.  To truly customize the package, you needed to manually make changes while in monitoring mode, or purchase the AVE external package editor.

In the past we would use tools like our AppV_Manifest editor to increase the editing flexibility.  And with the AppV_Manage analyzer and automated fixes you could improve your package by repackaging with the scripts output by AppV_Manage.

But now we can just fix up the package directly.  So Sequence, open the saved package in TMEdit, let it analyze your package and offer to fix a host of problems.  And then you can manually edit pretty much anything!

Also included is the AutoUpdatePackage command line tool to automate basic changes to packages without a GUI.

Unlike the most of the rest of TMurgent tools, TMEdit is a paid for license product.  It isn't free.  But with a fully functional 30-day trial mode you can try it out and see the value for yourself.


NOTE: TMEdit had an issue with the software we use to enforce the licensing, causing the release to be pulled. is a replacement with a patch for this issue.

TMEdit V     2018-November-18 Changes:

  • Feature: Full and commented Deployment and User Configuration XML files are now produced when you save the package.
  • Update: The Internal AppXManifest file is automatically updated to the newest schema. Previously, older packages without the newer schema references would break if certain changes were made.
  • Fix: Automatically fix bad SideBySide component ProcessorArchitecture elements generated by the sequencer by eliminating them. (Sage Accounting issue).
  • Fix: Fix for packages with EMail Software Clients (Mozilla Thunderbird issue).
  • Fix: Shortcut ShowCommand has three supported values, not two. (TechSmith Snagit issue).


Previous Versions:

TMEdit V     2018-September-14

TMEdit V     2018-August-26

TMEdit V     2018-August-06

TMEdit V     2018-July-31

TMEdit V     2018-July-17

TMEdit V     2018-June-29

NOTE:The software is delivered in a zip file. The software is digitally signed via a trusted CA for your protection. In some cases you system might require you to "unblock" the installer since it was downloaded from the internet.