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Welcome to TMurgent Technologies LLP. This site provides access to on-line resources for practitioners in the Application Virtualization, Server Based Computing, and Virtualization at large marketplaces. TMurgent is known around the world as the leading resource for information on and help with Microsoft Application Virtualization, also known as "App-V".


Did you know?  In addition to our training enterprises, TMurgent offers contract services to software vendors wanting their products to work well with Microsoft App-V.


 Get AppV_Manage:
Get the free tool everyone uses to test their App-V packages.
Role based features.

Get App-V 5.1
Server/Seq/Client Features Released Aug/17/2015
About 5.1

Also Hotfix 8: KB4014009 (Mar 2017 MDOP)


GUI Editor for App-V 5.1 AppxManifest files.
See AppVManagementEditor for details.


Next App-V ClassNext Public App-V Class in Europe!

 Vienna Austria, June 19-22, 2017


We offer our public App-V Experts Training Classes in the US around four to five times a year. Normally these are held in Boston, but once in a while we move it around.

For the first time ever we are starting a new training offering in Vienna.

This class will be led by Tim Mangan.



Get the best App-V Training from the top expert in the world.


We also offer private-onsite classes to most countries on the European continent.

Next US App-V Class

Boston MA, US July 10-13, 2017
Next App-V Class


We offer our public App-V Masters Training Classes around four to five times a year. Normally these are held in Boston, but once in a while we move it around.

This class will be led by Tim Mangan

Private, on-site, classes may also be arranged.

We additionally work with other partners that want to host a class and make our training available in their area.

Get the best App-V Training from the top experts in the world.  

Photo att: Arvind Balaraman.



  Make the Case!

Microsoft is adding App-V  to the core OS

Read about that here


Read "Make the case"

White Paper available to help a Software Vendor make the case for an internal project to support App-V

TMurgent: Experts in App-V since before it was App-V



  Coming to an OS near you

Microsoft Application Virtualization is now part of the base operating system.

Get Started here


Get Trained on 5.1/5.2!

Jump-start your project with us

Architecture Consulting,      Training,      Contract Sequencing,      Package Conversion

Need training but don't want to travel?

Image Attribution: TopStep7

Try Onsite Training!


We are often contacted by companies that have several people needing training, but can't afford the travel budget or time out of the office for their whole staff to be trained.

If you have 5 or more peple to be trained, a custom on-site option should be considered. Training is customized to your needs. We can work on your apps. Design and Implimentation can also be added.  Cost is based on a fixed daily fee not dependent on the number of students.


Call Mary Jane at (+1)781-535-4954




Awarded Best App-V Blog for 2015
Best Blog Award for 2015, App-V User Group
European App-V User Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 20, 2015

Upcoming Classes

24 June 2017
Vienna, Austria App-V 5.1/2 Masters Training Cl...see more

10 July 2017
July 10 - 13, 2017 Boston, Massachussetts area,...see more

11 September 2017
Culemborg, Netherlands App-V 5.1/2 Masters ...see more

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