Training Vouchers for Microsoft App-V & MSIX "Masters Level" Training by TMurgent

"The ultimate training class for App-V and MSIX is the Masters Level App-V Training run by Tim Mangan at TMurgent. You want to learn from the best of the best!"


Have budget to be spent but no time for training?

Image Attribution: TopStep7 We are sometimes contacted by companies that have leftover training budget at the end of a quarter or year, but either TMurgent doesn't have any remaining seats in classes until the next quarter, or they need the staff fully working this quarter.

If this happens to you, consider purchasing a TMurgent Training Voucher that you can redeem for any of our five day Masters Level Training Classes anytime in the following year.

You can buy the vouchers now, by calling Mary Jane at (+1)781-535-4954. Then register for a public class at your convenience later on. Note that classes do sell out and you must register before we hit the cap (10) for the class that you want. The public clases run 4 or 5 times a year, and we typically post a new class shortly after the previous one sells out. By the way, we never cancel a class once a student registers!

Note: We are often asked, but we cannot accept Microsoft Training Vouchers for these classes. Microsoft requires that we use the official curriculum, and you really don't want that class.


Upcoming Classes:

For the upcoming class list, click this link.