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Semi-Private Microsoft App-V "Masters Level" Training by TMurgent

Don't have enough people to train to justify a private class?

Contact your local reseller and ask if they can host a semi-private class! They probably have another customer or two to help fill in the seats. A maximum of 10 seats is recommended in each class.

Or maybe host it yourself.  If you have 5 or more to start with, we can help you find others to fill a class.

Are you a reseller/integrator with customers needing App-V?

We will work with you with flexible plans based on your unique situation.

If you would like to arrange the best Microsoft Application Virtualization training around, contact Mary Jane at (+1) 781-535-4954. Please be sure to indicate if your interest is in a private or public class, the number of people, your location, and email and phone contact info.


Upcoming Classes

04 December 2017
Culemborg, Netherlands App-V 5.1/2 Masters ...see more

12 March 2018
Culemborg, Netherlands App-V 5.1/2 Masters ...see more

19 March 2018
Koln, Germany App-V 5.1/2 Masters Training ...see more

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