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TMEdit  The Ultimate App-V Package Editor

NOTE: Pre-Release information; subject to change!

About TMEdit

Over the last five years TMurgent has been providing training and free tools, like AppV_Manage, AppxManifestEditor, and PassiveInstall. The goal of this has been to improve both the workflow for IT Professionals producing App-V packages and the quality of the work they produce.  TMEdit is a new big step forward at those efforts.

If you are fully taking advantage of that workflow, you automate the installation using PassiveInstall, possibly using the App-V AutoSequencer.  You then take the package into AppV_Manage to analyze the package and produce automated fix scripts, which you plug into your PassiveInstall script and rerun that process.  Then you use AppV_Manage to deploy, test, and possibly debug the package.  After that is done you can start the Application Expert approval testing and production distribution.

TMEdit is a full fledged App-V package editor tool that provides the most complete editing capabilities -- far greater than the Sequencer itself.  It is also built with the same kind of package analysis built into AppV_Manage, but rather than create PowerShell based scripts that make you repackage again, it directly fixes the package you have for you.  Not only is this much faster, it allows us to work around sequencer bugs and produce more efficient packages with improved compression. After editing, you can continue on with AppV_Manage to test out the package.

TMEdit is not free, however.  The software is licensed on a per-user (i.e. packager)  basis and comes with a year of maintenance and support. TMEdit has a fully-functional free 30 day trial mode, so you can completely insure that you'll be satisfied with the tool before you buy.

Microsoft App-V continues to be the best and safest way to prepare and distribute applications in a corporate environment.  Now with TMEdit we can clearly say that we have the fastest and best workflow to create the best customized and optimized packages in less time than any other technology.