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Application only working when published with -global

2 years 1 week ago #247 by Kahuna
More information on the apps in question might be needed. But here are a few things to occupy your time...
  1. You need to be aware that there are a few App-V features that only work with Global publishing. These are fairly rare, and some of the ones originally documented by Microsoft no longer need global publishing. I don't remember the list offhand but Browser Helper Objects used to be one of them.
  2. If the objection to global publishing is only resistance/inability to establish machine collections, and the users that are being published to are not on RDS, then I have a tool called "The Globalizer" which is a Windows Scheduled task that will detect publishing of the app to the user and locally on that machine publish it globally anyway. This would only solve the first issue.
  3. If the Sequenced App2 interreacts with App1, then normally it should be sequenced with App1 installed on the sequencing VM prior to sequencing. You didn't specify how App2 starts App1, but if it is running inside of the virtual environment, not doing the pre-install could cause App1 to not be able to see all of its components (this is called OverrideLocal).
  4. Assuming App2 has shortcuts or file associations for the user to launch it, Middleware is the wrong choice for sequencing. Choose Default.
  5. In many situations such as yours, I would recommend setting up a RunVirtual on App1 that would cause it to always run inside the bubble of App2. This avoids issues of which app was launched first when you are troubleshooting. If you know that App2 is ALWAYS launched first, then you shouldn't need this.

Questions like this might best be asked in the AppV Sequencing forum under MDOP in the Microsoft TechNet Forums. Especially if you name the apps, then someone who has directly worked with those apps might provide better answers.

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2 years 1 week ago #246 by skydive
Hi guys,

hope you´re fine!

We have a quite strange issue with a specific application... once sequenced and deployed (without app-v server infrastructure), this package is only working as expected when it has been published with -global parameter (add-appvclientpackage ..... | publish-appvclientpackage -global)

Let´s go a bit deeper... in fact, there are two applications we need to use for our daily business. App #1 has been installed ordinarily via setup.exe on all physical machines/vm´s some time ago and is working perfectly. For app #2 there are new releases each half a year, so we came across App-V deployment.

When sequencing app #2 and deploying it on a test vm, app #2 is working great, as long as it is running standalone. Inside this app #2, you can call app #1 to be able to work with some customers data etc. And this "call" is not working, simply nothing happens, in some cases we´ve faced some app crashes or freezes.

Some additional infos:

- sequencing app #1 is not possible/not allowed due to compliance reasons
- we were playing around during sequencing app #2 as middleware etc., same results, not working
- app #2 is only interacting with app #1 when it has been published with -global parameter, but this is not allowed in our AD managed environment
- software deployment in the end is realized via SCCM

As you can see, we need to find a way to get this "App-V app #2" interacting with app #1 without publishing it with -global parameter.

Hopefully I have been able to describe our issue in a correct and clean manner... if not, please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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