The MSIX Report Card

for Windows 10 1909 

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The Reports Cards on MSIX are a series of research papers examining how MSIX is doing at various points in time. Each report is labeled with the Windows 10 Release version associated with the report (as most of the report is dependent on the MSIX Runtime in that version).

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cover image of the 1909 Research Papers

Windows 10 and Windows Server 1909

These two papers examines MSIX, and the state of the industry in January 2020:

  • Report Card

    This 22 paper examines the initial release of MSIX, and the state of the industry in January 2019.

    It reports on the industry in three areas:

    •  Support by Independent Software Vendors to release in MSIX Format
    •  Support by Tool Vendors
    •  Support inside the Operating System

It includes the Repackaging test results using tooling from multiple vendors as available at the end of 2019.

  • Surveys on MSIX

    This additional 22 page paper shows the results of two industry surveys on MSIX conducted near the end of 2019:

    • Survey for Developers building MSIX applications.

    • Survey for IT Pros repackaging and/or delivering MSIX applications.

January 23, 2020 Cover image of the 1909 Research Paper


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