View our short video explaining the In-Person and Remote courses

TMurgent has three types of training available


  The Learning Site @ TMurgent   is your place for self-paced online training at TMurgent.

Most of these courses are free. Typically they are either introductions to a technology, or instructions regarding one of the many software tools that you may download from the site.

With a self-paced class you can plow through is a single session or take your time. Each class usually contains a variety of short reading materials, videos, and sometimes hands-on lab exercises.


Our in-person classes are regularly run in the United States and Europe. Upon request we have and can also bring these classes to other parts of the world.

US based classes are typically held at hotels geographically spread across the country.

In other parts of the world, we typically work through a trusted local partner to host the class at their facilities.

On-site private classes may also be arranged, typically viable when an organization has 5 or more students.


We now also offer classes remotely from wherever you are! An option to remotely attend any scheduled in-person class is usually available

Purely remote classes offer a more attractive 4-hours/day schedule to help with attention span and let you not fall behind on your work. Pure Virtual classes are usually scheduled for:

  • 13:00-17:00 Central European Time (7AM-11AM US Eastern)
  • Noon-4PM US Eastern (9AM-1PM Pacific)
  •  Australia/Asia/Pacific to be determined